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Holiday Idiomas

Over 600 students over 14 years in the market

Holiday means a special day to celebrate with family and friends, becoming the ideal of the company, offering a familiar, cozy environment that allows you to interact in individual classes and small groups, in person and online.

Teacher Giovani Garcia

Owner and English teacher at Holiday Idiomas since 2007

27 years of professional experience as an English teacher in several companies such as: Fisk, Microlins, Up Communication and Wizard

We are a family owned and operated business.


Promote English teaching with quality, dedication and respect, expanding knowledge

through contact with other peoples and cultures.


To be recognized as a reference in teaching English for

youth and adults through the exchange of experiences with people.


  • Quality teaching

  • Social responsability

  • Learning for life

  • Encouraging personal and professional growth



"Giovani is the best English teacher I've ever had a class with. I had a single class with him when studying at another language school and I was delighted with the ease and ease with which he taught. When I had the opportunity to study English again , I went to study at Holiday Idiomas. The classes are great and the teacher makes us feel free to learn in our time. I strongly recommend studying at Holiday Idiomas. "

"The Holiday school played a big role in my development of English language learning. In a partnership between Holiday and Clarion (the company where I worked at the time I was a student at Holiday), I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge, apply my learning within my work routine and subsequently carry out an exchange. It was fundamental and extremely valid all the time of study, where all support and base was provided so that I could develop my skills. "

Rafael Noronha, Programmer

Hellen Silveira, Accounting Analyst

"Studying at Holiday was incredible, it brought me possibilities that I could never expect, even though I didn't imagine going abroad to use the knowledge of the language, I was surprised right here in Santa Rita helping tourists to get their information through me."

Diego Luciano, Businessman

When I started at Holiday, my knowledge of the language was very basic. Classes with the teacher are always very dynamic, with examples and explanations that are clear and easy to understand. With that, in a short time of class, along with a lot of dedication I could already notice
the evolution. Today, after almost three years of study at Holiday, I can say that the classes were fundamental for me to get to the knowledge I have today, able to communicate in English.

Anderson Lourenço, Systems Analyst

"Studying at Holiday Idiomas has given me great growth, both personally and professionally. This was the first English school I studied and, in a short time, I had great progress. Giovani is a great teacher, always very dedicated and helpful, is always innovating and seeking the best for its students. And the material used in classes is very didactic and easy to understand. Holiday Idiomas caters for all ages and levels of English, from basic to advanced, and in this school I was able to find and learn everything I needed. "

Ana Julia Monti, Systems Analyst

"I feel obliged to express my deep satisfaction for the excellence of the services provided by the Holiday Idiomas English school, which I consider such a serious company. I have seldom been surprised with such attention and efficiency in the way of teaching. I am very satisfied with the professionalism and dedication of the school and commitment to the successful learning of its students.

My teacher is highly qualified and responsible, the biggest concern being the constant attention to students. The lessons are always taught with all the illustrative didactic material, texts, music, audios and videos, in addition to the daily conversations between teacher and student, always in English.

I entered this school as a student a few years ago with a mere knowledge of English, unable to construct a sentence. Today, I still have a lot to learn and improve my English, but the teachings given to me so far, are helping me a lot in my personal and mainly professional life, in which I meet and close contracts with foreign clients frequently.

I reaffirm my full satisfaction and, I cannot help but comment on my joy at being able to speak, listen, read and write in English. Congratulations, you are worthy of all my respect and admiration. "

Breno Paiva, Architect

Ludmila Morais, Singer


Where to find us

Rua Elpídio Costa, 324, Maristela - Santa Rita do Sapucaí

holidayidiomas2016@gmail.com / Tel: (35) 9 9843-6293



Mon - Thu: 7:00 - 20:00 / Fri: 7:00 - 19:00 / Saturday: 8:00 - 12:00

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