Promover o ensino de inglês com qualidade, dedicação e respeito, expandindo o conhecimento através do contato com outros povos e culturas.


Ser uma escola reconhecida como referência no ensino de inglês para jovens e adultos através da troca de experiências com as pessoas.


  • Ensino com qualidade

  • Responsabilidade Social

  • Aprendizado para a vida

  • Incentivo ao crescimento pessoal e profissional



Holiday Idiomas was founded in August 2007 by the current owner Giovani Vilela Garcia and an American partner, at the time the school was named Touchstone (name of the material used). For some years we had English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese as foreign languages.


The partnership was closed and Rosiene Chagas Cintra Garcia became a partner of the company in place of Mike Ross. At this time the school changed its name to Holiday Idiomas.


Upon completing 10 years in the market, we understood that we were starting a new cycle and some things needed to be reorganized. We started offering the English course exclusively, improving the way of teaching and focusing more on the language.


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we found ourselves facing a period when it would be necessary to reinvent ourselves to survive. We adapt our way of teaching, for distance education through video conferences. In order to keep everyone safe without education being left out.

Although the school has gone through several phases and changes, our goal has always been the same: to maintain quality education, with respect, dedication and in a way that everyone feels welcomed.


The origin of the name " Holiday" came from the idea of giving people a feeling of well-being and that they felt welcomed as part of a family.

Holiday means “a special day to celebrate with family and friends”, making the ideal of the company, offering a familiar, cozy environment that allows you to interact in individual classes or in small groups, in person or online.


The teaching methodology used is that of Cambridge University Press. They are materials that mix speech, hearing, writing, reading and especially understanding. Classes do not just follow the material, as we believe that to learn a new language it is necessary to understand its applicability, that is why we use examples of English in everyday life, in business, in life and help to accomplish anything that we aim for.

Another extremely important fact is that the time needed to achieve the results is directly proportional to the student's effort and dedication. The school provides the structure, material and suitable teacher so that the student is in the best conditions and learn everything in the best possible way.


  • Classes are taught by professor Giovani Garcia, who has 27 years of experience in the market.

  • He has worked for the following companies: Fisk, Microlins, Up Communication and Wizard.

  • He has a degree in English from the Richard Hugh Fisk Foundation, a course for teachers and English as a second language from St Giles International and Teaching Knowledge Test also from the same institute.

  • Experience as a backpacker in Argentina and Chile, translator and interpreter representing Brazil at the First Lego League robotics world championship in the United States, volunteer interpreter at World Youth Day, in addition to several personal and business projects.

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